More comfort for your customers and users

Eliminate waiting times and optimize your customers' valuable time. Collect contact details, automatically inform about access to your services, then incorporate your contacts into Agendize engagement paths.



Combine the physical point-of-sale experience with the power of digital. Digital queuing optimizes your sales and service paths, regulating customer flows for personalized, satisfying experiences. The data collected at the time of registration in the queue then feeds into the animation of your clientele and your contact base, promoting customer loyalty.

Main features


Collection of information

Increase your contact base by collecting the identity and phone number of subscribers so that you can send them your next news.


Customization of customer files

Adapt your customer interface to fit your use case. Modify the welcome and thank you messages, add fields to your form.


SMS Notifications

Send an SMS to your customers or constituents to inform them when their turn comes.

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