Follow the evolution of your activities with Agendize and Matomo

Data analysis is key to tracking ROI and ensuring an optimized user experience. With Agendize, you can track the usage of your appointment booking interfaces, user behavior and channel performance.

Understand your audience with Agendize and matomo

Get to know your company better

Track the number of visits to your booking page and where they come from. Analyze the conversion rate into appointments by synchronizing Google Analytics or Matomo to your Agendize account. Do you use Adwords? Use their analysis to know the conversion rate of your ads.

Set up your conversion goals

Measure the actions of your visitors on your booking page, define your conversion objectives to more easily convert your visitors into loyal customers. All data is centralized in your performance reports to allow you to make the right decisions for your business.

Create conversion funnels

Optimize conversions on your booking page by analyzing the behavior of your visitors at each step of your user journey.

Measure your ROI

Centralize all your data to get a global view of your statistics and marketing actions. Measure your return on investment and make the right decisions to develop your business.

Boost your productivity by integrating
your tools with Agendize

Native integrations, API workflows or third-party applications facilitate the transfer and synchronization of your data with the tools you use on a daily basis.

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