Connect your Agendize to Microsoft Teams

Teams is the best videoconferencing solution for companies that depend on Microsoft. The solution combines perfectly with Office 365 and Outlook: With each new booking, an event is created in your calendar. The video conference link and the appointment details are included in the event description and in the notifications sent to your customers.

Teams is the best video conferencing solution

Organize your meetings by videoconference

Automatically generate Teams meeting links and details when a remote appointment is scheduled. The access link and details are automatically included in email and SMS notifications for confirmation and reminders. The meeting is displayed in real time in your calendar and your client has the option to add it to theirs.

Manage your meetings from A to Z

Configure the appointment mode directly in the service settings: face-to-face, by phone or by video conference. Your customers will find the information when booking. Need to reschedule the appointment? The participation link does not change to avoid confusion.

Reduce absences

Automate the sending of Teams appointment reminder notifications at predefined times so your customers don't miss the schedule. You can choose to send them email and/or SMS reminders directly in Agendize settings.

Keep track of your customer interactions

Each meeting and notification is recorded in the Agendize CRM, so you have access to the history of exchanges with each of your customers to be able to animate them more effectively and propose to them to plan their next appointment now.

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Native integrations, API workflows or third-party applications facilitate the transfer and synchronization of your data with the tools you use on a daily basis.

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