Stripe Comprehensive payment platform for businesses

Stripe is the complete payment platform for businesses that want to simplify their billing process and accelerate growth. Combined with our online appointment scheduling solution, provide a personalized payment experience and require a deposit or full payment upon booking to limit the number of missed appointments.

Agendize & Stripe - a solution to simplify appointment scheduling for businesses

Create a personalized payment experience

Build customer loyalty by offering them a personalized, secure payment experience. Whether on a cell phone or a computer, your customers can pay directly during the booking process. They arrive at their appointment with a clear conscience, without having to worry about the cost of the service.

Simplify your billing process

Simply track all your transactions and settle your disputes from a single platform. Each new payment has a unique transaction ID. You have the ability to add customer information, generate new invoices and issue refunds from your Stripe account.

Accelerate your growth

Use the data you collect to make the right decisions for your business and grow your business. With Agendize, you can send targeted email campaigns to your customers, enabling you to raise your profile, increase your customer base and build customer loyalty.

Reduce the number of missed appointments

Protect yourself from unserious prospects and clients by requiring a deposit or full payment for the service before the appointment. This ensures that you are paid for your time and work, whether or not your client honors the booking.

Boost your productivity by integrating
your tools with Agendize

Native integrations, API workflows or third-party applications facilitate the transfer and synchronization of your data with the tools you use on a daily basis.

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