Agendize, Your Data and You for RGPD Compliance

RGPD is the acronym for the "General Data Protection Regulation" for the European Union, which comes into effect on May 25, 2018. It aims to harmonize personal data protection legislation at the European level but also to create a new contract of trust with consumers.


Adopted on April 14, 2016 by the European Parliament, the GDPR is the new reference text at the European level in terms of personal data protection.

The provisions of the GDPR apply as of May 25, 2018 for all companies collecting and processing data on European citizens. The RGPD is an opportunity to better map and secure data processing.


Agendize has taken all necessary actions to ensure that it manages its customers' data in full compliance with applicable legislation as of May 2018

  • MODIFICATION OF CONSENT COLLECTION MECHANISMS: Each of our contact modules is updated to integrate consent collection relevant to your business context .Consent collected from your users will be dated and searchable.
  • CUSTOMIZATION OF THE DURATION OF CONSERVATION OF DATA: Depending on your obligations in terms of confidentiality, you may have to delete the personal data of your inactive contacts. In order to respond to this problem, our proposal is that you choose the time frame for this deletion according to your sector of activity.
  • COMMITMENT TO DATA PROTECTION AND UPDATED LEGAL NOTICES: Personal data collected through Agendize's online tools is stored by Agendize and its contractors only to provide the service of connecting you and your users: Agendize does not make any commercial use of this data. The GDPR requires clearer and more transparent language in the legal notice and privacy policy.
  • DATA PORTABILITY: Agendize implements a software solution that is interoperable with industry standards. Our platform also offers a complete API that allows you to access all of your account data and settings: all data can be ported in another format or to another information system.
  • MINIMIZING THE STORAGE OF PDS: An important axis of the RGPD is to collect only the personal data relevant to the processing. Our software solution allows you to choose the personal data to be collected, according to your own context. One of the main aspects on this axis is to allow you to easily minimize the data collection. It is possible to anonymize the IP address of the users and to modify the validity period of the cookies in the framework of the statistical follow-up.

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