Online booking solution for your business

Simplify your schedule management to save time. Build customer loyalty and activation with an easy-to-implement solution.


Save time to focus on your business


Build customer loyalty and engage your customers with customer engagement tools


Attract new customers by differentiating yourself from the competition


Gain in productivity

Free yourself from appointment management by making yourself available 24/7. Your customers book appointments online from your website, your emails or your social networks, but also from your paper communication supports thanks to the QR Code. You are informed of each new reservation thanks to the sending of email notifications and you can thus devote yourself fully to your activity.

Track your customers' appointment requests

Rely on the CRM to know your contacts better in order to follow up and animate with always relevant content. Thanks to the automatisms, you are sure to be well informed of each request of your customers, and they are too.


Develop your notoriety

Automate the sending of post-appointment customer review requests to help you improve the customer experience, and collect reviews from your various sites to work on your future reassurance and recommendations.

Increase productivity and customer loyalty

  1. 1.

    Make appointments 24/7
    Integrate your booking link into your digital and paper media to allow your customers to make appointments even outside your business hours

  2. 2.

    Increase your customer knowledge
    The information entered at the time of booking is available in each customer file in your CRM.

  3. 3.

    Be alerted with each new reservation
    You receive a notification to alert you of new appointments. Your customers receive an email/SMS to confirm their appointment and a reminder

  4. 4.

    Cope with setbacks
    You can reschedule or cancel your appointments. Your clients will be alerted to these changes

  5. 5.

    Improve your services
    Automate the sending of a post-appointment email to get feedback and opinions from your customers

Features made for you



Customize the appointment experience. Integrate your content, colors, languages or message templates.

customer form

Customer file

Automatically create your customer files. Modify the available fields and refine the knowledge of your customers.


Marketing emails

Animate your contact base, share your latest news and targeted offers with the Agendize email marketing tool. Collect and store marketing approvals, RGPD consents and interact with your contacts in a compliant manner.



Access your appointment schedule from any device. The calendar remains accessible even without an internet connection.


Online payment

Ask for a deposit or full payment at the time of booking with our PayPal and Stripe integrations.


Customer reviews

Send satisfaction surveys and collect customer reviews that will be automatically integrated into your Google business listing.

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