Complete statistics on your appointments

Leverage data to improve your services and grow your business. Analyze your performance, optimize your service activity and provide a better user experience to your customers with activity statistics.


Activity reports

Agendize collects data to give you a detailed view of your entire business. The generated dashboards and Excel exports provide you with valuable metrics to manage your organization. From the number of appointments per department or per employee, to the engagement rate, to the performance of your different channels, you have a clear view of the usage of your online appointment scheduling solution, of your ROI and of the activity per department.

Features made for you


No Code

Create your own workflows without prior knowledge of web development.



Feed your external tools with the information collected via Agendize to gain productivity.



Create and automate your marketing campaigns to save time.


Customer reviews

Send satisfaction surveys and collect customer reviews that will be automatically integrated into your Google business listing.


Personalized messages

Create personalized and consistent communications to send to your contacts to build quality relationships.


Appointment Notifications

Receive emails / SMS informing you of new bookings. Automate the sending of confirmation notifications, reminders or appointment changes to your customers.

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